Complete Tree Works
Removal of 2 large London Plane trees causing subsidence to the neighbours property.

Due to their size and location it was always going to be a technical job. The trees were located in a small garden with no gate access, so everything had to be rigged off, cut into manageable sizes and taken through the house.
a subsidence job in west london
subsidence job in west london
Pruning of small trees, hedge and climbing plants.

The client has a lovely Japanese Maple tree in her front garden that needed a prune. Various hedging, Pyracantha and Wisteria to prune also in the rear garden. The job was completed in a half day.

Pruning of Whitebeam trees on the grounds of a university

The client was very happy with the results improving the entrance to the building
Pine Tree Removal

Pine tree outgrown its location. Sectional take-down process
Yew reduction

While loving the tree all the neighbours were unhappy with the lack of light in their gardens. We suggested a crown reduction and they were happy with the results.

Eucalyptus Fell

Eucalyptus are one of the fasted growing trees in london. This tree had outgrown the location and was causing property damage. The client did not have rear access to her garden and was very happy that we arranged with all the neighbours to use alternative access. This meant that the tree did not have to be removed through her house.

Hedge Maintenance

3 large Cypress Hedges that needed maintenance. The clients were very happy with the high quality of work

Large Pine removal

Tree was riddled with cavities and had to be made safe. The tree was felled to ground level and  the stump ground out making space for turf to be laid and a smaller tree planted.